Five signs your employees aren’t happy

How's your workplace morale?

You probably heard the phrase “when employees are happier, this means more productivity.” However, do you know what else do we know about happy employees?

Happy employees can motivate their co-workers. A happy employee can affect so much more than productivity in the workplace. We have seen how a positive spirit can boost community, health, creativity and organisation within the office. Normally, happy employees are not just naturally happy people who continue to exude happiness into the workplace, but they really enjoy their jobs that much.

When you got happy employees, you got hardworking people who are willing to be part of your business’ challenges. Hardworking, happy employees supply more productivity than you even thought possible. They also have a positive outlook and interest in one’s work which leaves room for creativity and improvement. Most happy employees spend time completing tasks and working towards finding other solutions.

According to research, unhappy employees are more likely to get stressed. Workplace stress has become a common influence on the health and well-being of employed individuals. This sickness leaves employees unfit and distracted while on the job, furthering the lack of productivity once more.

So if you have unhappy employees, you need to do something to make them feel satisfied working for you. Here are the five signs of unhappy employees:

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