Beware of this office cleaning services Fraud

When hiring a janitorial service or a commercial cleaning company for your business like, you always want them to have an inspection process in the place to ensure quality of service and overlook nothing. This is often the case when you are working with a reputable commercial cleaning company.

office removals and cleaningSadly, not all companies are like this case. There are some that offer commercial cleaning business for sale in Perth. You probably haven’t heard about these companies unless you’ve experienced this problem yourself and received substandard cleaning along with no one who appears to be accountable. Today, there are a growing number of commercial cleaning companies that market their service but get the client to sign a contract and then sell the cleaning contract for a significant profit. The company and you thought you signed with to clean your workplace will just outsource another service without full disclosure to you.

The companies buying the contracts are usually smaller companies with lower cleaning standards and less sophisticated. Usually, these companies have no cleaning crew of their own, no quality control system and no real interest in your business but are only interested in your money.

If you want to avoid this type of experience, make sure that you work with a reputable cleaning company. Spend some time in doing some background checking before signing a contract.


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